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Monday, October 19, 2015

Crowdsourcing Urban Form and Function

Crowdsourcing Urban Form and Function:

Excellent and easy to read paper coming the GeoSocial group here at Mason. The main take away is that in order to better understand our changing cities, its important to combine information from multiple sources, representing multiple views of these environments. This includes both traditional (e.g. Remote Sensing and Census) with newer and emerging forms (e.g. social media) of information. This is especially important in fast growing cities in the developing world where reliable and up-to-date information from authoritative sources is usually not available or at least inaccessible.
Crooks, A.T., Pfoser, D., Jenkins, A., Croitoru, A., Stefanidis, Smith, D., A., Karagiorgou, S., Efentakis, A. and Lamprianidis, G. (2015), Crowdsourcing Urban Form and Function, International Journal of Geographical Information Science. 29(5): 720-741

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